5 Things You'll Love About Ossum

June 25, 2019 ossum team

Choosing tools for your software development projects can easily become overwhelming. There are so many tools out there. Asking yourself these important questions can help you narrow down your choices:

  • How can we organize the team’s planning?
  • What tool will allow us to seamlessly migrate our existing repo?
  • How can we keep organization leaders informed on the development pipeline?
  • What tool offers a transparent way to store, manage, and review code? 
  • How can we release faster and deliver value continuously?

Your objective is to keep the development toolstack organized, across all of your teams -- and while it sounds like it should be simple, it is one of the biggest pain points developers face today. What you need is a unified platform that ties planning to code to release. That would be great, right? We thought so too. So we built ossum. 

There are 5 great reasons to simplify your toolstack with ossum. 

1. Unified Platform

Ossum is an out-of-the-box development platform for your team to plan, code, and deliver your next great product, without ever having to leave the tool. Spend valuable development time doing what you love, instead of juggling and managing multiple integrations. 

2. Intuitive and Easy Setup

Enjoy an easy self-service onboarding process when you sign up for ossum. With a 30-day free trial, you can try all of ossum’s cool features before you subscribe. No credit card information or install is required. 

Don’t worry if you have code on other platforms. The ability to import your repo from tools like GitHub allows you to pick up right where you left off and start using ossum’s powerful features right away.  

Read this post to learn how one developer left GitHub and survived.

3. Greater Clarity & Visibility

 It can be difficult to keep your team organized and meet deadlines. Your project can lose control of scope, more team members can be added, and goals can shift.  Ossum keeps everyone on the same page with one tool to plan, prioritize, and visualize the workflow across your whole team. 

Ossum’s Kanban boards are easily configurable, featuring the ability to tag and color work items by category, rename and add columns, as well as being able to sort by team members to see their assigned work items. 

You can see the status of product development in real-time and make informed decisions. It has never been easier for your whole organization to be in sync and informed about the development pipeline. 

4. Higher Quality Code Management and Delivery

Are you tired of the lack of documentation on certain commits, and what was changed?

Link commits to specific Kanban planning cards, ensuring traceability and accountability in your code. Ossum’s code review feature lets you view what code was changed in a side-by-side view and allows team members to review & approve it. Make sure that everything that gets added to your repo is up to your standards.

Seamless integration with your CI tool of choice (Jenkins, TeamCity or Bamboo) allows you to view your build status all from one tool, meaning no more toggling back-and-forth to check the progress of your build. 

5. Team Collaboration

Save 3x the time & effort and keep your whole team in sync with one unified platform, no matter what size your team is and where they are located.

We’re excited about ossum because it solves so many issues and lets you focus on what you do best - building your next great product. Try it for free!

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