Introducing MS Visual Studio Code Extension for ossum

August 9, 2019 ossum team

Streamline your development activities

Any software developer will tell you that the work they do requires extended periods of focus. So, they appreciate tools that reduce distractions and let them focus more effort on coding. One of the routine activities that slows them down or interrupts their concentration is context-switching between their planning board, code editor, and code repository platform.

The ossum developers understand this issue. That’s why the team is happy to bring you the VS Code extension for ossum, our new extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, which solves that problem. We use it too. This VS Code extension to ossum helps coding flow smoothly because it centralizes many important tasks right into your code editor and this shortcut helps you stay focused.

The VS Code extension for ossum reduces the number of actions you have to take to push changes to your code and reference your planning cards. Using the VS Code extension, you can automatically have your commits tied to your planning cards, create merge requests, request reviews from peers, change the status of cards, and even take ownership of cards, without ever leaving your code editor.

By connecting your cards to commits, the coding process becomes much easier for you. This allows you to focus on coding itself, speed up delivery, and release quality software faster.

See how it is done:

  1. First, you clone your repository and check out code onto your local machine.
  1. Then you can open your project in VS Code and see all your branches in the ossum view.

  1. Using the Command Palette you can create a branch for one of your workitems so that it will tie the commits on that branch to a card on your ossum planning board.

  1. Once you have created your branch you can begin coding immediately.
  1. From here, you can change your code and make commits. The extension will ensure the work you do in the branch is associated with the specific workitem.
  1. At this point, the extension exposes ossum specific actions that you can take from your code editor. This includes creating merge requests, updating the status of your cards, owning/disowning cards, and opening them up in ossum. This can all be done from the Command Palette.           

  1. Once you have created your merge request, you can add reviewers to get feedback on your code. After you have received feedback, you can incorporate their requested changes and push your changes to the repository.  

  1. You can now move your planning card from an in-progress status to testing, by selecting update status in the Command Palette in your code editor. 

We hope you see how ossum can help you and your development team. We created ossum to make development work easier and smoother. Try ossum today on . Become a part of our community and join us as we continue to evolve ossum.


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