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August 8, 2019 ossum team

Great for Techies and Non-Techies 

Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than words. This is why Kanban boards are valuable tools for agile teams to quickly visualize the flow of their work, making it more tangible. They are designed to be simple, intuitive, and flexible enough for teams to manage their work, regardless of the department they are in and whether they are technical or non-technical.

The purpose of Kanban boards is to help teams plan, prioritize, and visually communicate the progress of their work, from planning to delivery. Large projects are divided into small units of work which are then organized as cards on the planning board. These cards represent workitems such as features, user stories, defects, and other tasks, depending on the nature of your project. Team members are then assigned to each card and are responsible for their completion. This brings clarity and transparency into the planning process and keeps the whole team accountable for their work. As work is completed, cards are moved to different columns representing stages of the process –such as in-progress, testing, and done. Teams continuously evaluate progress and address challenges as they come up. The use of Kanban boards in daily stand-up meetings make bottlenecks visible, ensure efficient allocation of team members on the right tasks, and keep work moving smoothly.

Kanban boards serve as a single source of truth and as conversation starters for not only team members, but also leadership. You can zoom-out for the high-level project status or zoom-in to understand the details of each work item. This keeps leadership engaged and gives them real-time insight into progress. Being able to visually see work items progressing through the different stages not only keeps teams in sync but also makes them more focused and motivated to accelerate delivery.

But not all Kanban board tools are the same – ossum is a fresh new tool with a Kanban board that is engaging, intuitive and fun to use for techies and non-techies alike. At the same time, it has powerful functionality to connect with your code editor and tie commits to cards on your ossum planning board.

With our customizable out-of-the-box Kanban workflows, you can easily get started and quickly begin working without spending hours planning your project. You can categorize your work using colors for card labels and columns, add checklists and rich-text descriptions on your cards, group your work into epics, and filter by labels, team members, and epics. All you do is move cards as you go through the process and use built-in visual cues to stay on top of both your own as well as the team’s work items.

With ossum’s new Visual Studio Code extension, you can change the status of your cards, view feedback from team members on your code, and take ownership of new cards, all from within your code editor. Another powerful feature of ossum’s Kanban board is that it displays built-in visual cues to build and commit status right on your card.

Ossum can be used by any agile teams looking to streamline their project activities, whether they are technical or not. We use ossum internally within our company to track ossum development, partner initiatives, and IT operations. These teams selected ossum for their visibility and collaboration needs because they needed a single place for managing their activities, and ossum provides an easy way to do that.

It’s called ossum for many reasons. One important reason is that it takes the heaviness and drudgery out of planning, communicating, starting conversations, and engaging management while providing all the important features to keep the team’s time and focus on the work, not the tracking. Try ossum today and see how your technical and non-technical teams can be more productive, collaborative, and efficient using our Kanban boards.

Watch this video to see ossum's Kanban Planning Boards in action.

ossum Kanban Planning Board

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