Managing Your Source Code In Ossum

August 27, 2019 ossum team

Ossum’s intuitive user experience and powerful Git capabilities make it easy for teams of any size to create a new repository or migrate an existing one, collaborate on code, and connect software changes to work items on the planning board. It provides a seamless experience for efficiently managing your source code while keeping the whole team in sync.

In the second video of the ossum features series, you will get a step-by-step overview of how to import your repository and make commits to that repository, while simultaneously updating your planning board. Read on to learn how you can get started with your source code.

The first step is to create a card on your planning board, assign an owner, and move it to the in-progress column to let your team know you are working on importing an existing repository.


Next, you will switch from the planning board to the source code tab in ossum. Here you can create a new repository or import an existing repository using the “+ Repository” button.


To start the import process, you will enter the link to your old repository, and add a name and description. Then, select the import repository button. The import operation takes a few seconds to complete.


You can now start collaborating and making changes to your software. When you make changes to your source code repository such as updating the title of a file, you can add comments explaining the change and associate your change with a work item or in-progress card on your planning board. You can use the “My Cards” button to toggle between all the cards and the cards assigned to you on the planning board.


Now, you can see that the workitem has been added to your code change. Lastly, you can choose if you want to commit your change directly to the master branch or create a merge request.

When you make a direct commit to the master, the change is immediately reflected in the master branch. Whereas, when you create a merge request, you create a code review process for that change allowing your team members to share feedback on the change before it gets merged into the master branch.


Please watch the video below to see the source code management process in action. In the next video, we will cover the code review process.

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