Ossum Has Arrived!

May 30, 2019 ossum team

Let’s face it, juggling tools is nowhere near as fun as actually building something cool.

Imagine one team tool that tracks feature delivery through the whole software development process. Why waste time juggling tools when you could be building your next great product? Meet Ossum!

There are thousands of  tools on the market that you and your team can choose from, for each stage of the software development process. As a skilled developer, today you may be using at least three different tools to create and deliver new software, from idea to release.

Most development teams are accustomed to integrating multiple tools of their choice to create custom software development solutions that work for their needs. However, this can be an incredibly time-consuming process, that takes away valuable development time from your talented development team members who could be building their next great product.

Ossum streamlines your team’s development work with a single platform to plan, code, and launch. It is one smart tool that integrates agile planning, version control, and continuous delivery.

With ossum, your development team can:

  • Drive more visibility and transparency into the planning process using customizable intuitive Kanban boards

  • Store code that becomes your IP in git for version control with ease-of-use features such as elastic code search across multiple repositories

  • Integrate with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bamboo

And do it all within a single unified platform for the whole team, not three tools in isolation. Wouldn’t that be ossum? (pun intended) It can be. Sign up free on ossum.cloud and experience a seamless development and delivery experience.

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One smart tool to plan, code, and launch software.

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