What Makes Ossum So Awesome?

July 18, 2019 ossum team

Ossum integrates agile planning, git, code management and review processes, and continuous delivery – all in one smart platform.

We promise – you will enjoy using our Kanban Boards:

  • You will find ossum’s customizable Kanban boards make it easy for teams of any size to plan, prioritize, and visualize work from anywhere.  
  • You will have fun using ossum’s intuitive design as you easily manage workflows, track progress, and keep everyone, including leaders up to speed on the development pipeline.
  • All you do is move cards as you progress through the development process and use built-in visual cues to stay on top of your work items.
  • You can quickly organize your work using colors for card labels and columns, add checklists and rich-text descriptions on your cards, and filter by labels and team members.
  • You can feel energized about your work and achieve new heights of productivity because ossum provides clarity and transparency into the planning process for the whole team.


Git Version Control:

  • Use ossum’s own hosted Git platform to collaborate, review, and manage your code.


Code Review & Search:

  • Get your whole team’s input on code approval with our built-in code management and review process.
  • Encourage team collaboration by reviewing, discussing, and voting on incoming code changes to your projects.
  • Gain clear insight into what code has changed using ossum’s default side-by-side view or try the vertical comparison view, whichever one you prefer.
  • Easily find the code you are looking for using our context-aware code search, which automatically detects the repository you are working in and searches it to return relevant code.
  • Drive greater accountability and traceability across your development team.


Continuous Integration:

  • Tie planning to code to release, all within a single platform.
  • Seamlessly integrate with the CI tool of your choice: Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bamboo.
  • Use the built-in visual cues on your planning cards to get real-time insight into build and commit status.
  • Release software faster and deliver value continuously


It’s called ossum for many reasons. One important reason is that it takes the heaviness and drudgery out of planning, communicating, starting conversations, and engaging management.

Watch this video to learn more about ossum features.


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