Code: Overview of Ossum Source Code Management

Overview of Ossum Source Code Management

Ossum provides a powerful Git source code repository hosting service that contains numerous features with an easy to use UI.

Getting Started

  1. Create Git Repository - Click the Add button to create a new Git repository. The only required value is the name of the repository but you can also add a long description. The repository will be automatically linked to the current space.

  2. Download Repository -Click the download icon to be taken to the Download page for the repository. This page provides you with the URL needed to clone the repository as well as a complete set of commands you can copy and paste into your Terminal to clone and configure the repository.

    Ossum supports both HTTPS and SSH communication with the repository. If the SSH option is not available this is typically because you have not added your SSH public key to your Ossum profile. This is a requirement to use SSH with Ossum.

Next Steps

Merge Requests - information on merge request and code review workflows available in Ossum.

Repository Settings - information on settings and policies you can configure for your repository, including the DevOps feature.

Work Item Integration - information on the integration between commits and work items that is part of Ossum.

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