Code: Repository Settings

Repository Settings

The repository settings are where you can configure specific rules and behaviors for your repository. You need to be an Administrator to be able to change any of these settings.


Disk Quota

On top-right of settings you can see the disk space used by this repository and how it is contributing to your total disk quota.

Default Branch

This is the value of the branch that the symbolic ref HEAD points to. This will be the default branch you get when you clone the repository as well as the default target branch for all merge requests.


A long description for the repository which appears in the list of repositories.


The rules for Work Item Integration. These settings specifically relate to blocking commits that do not adhere to these rules. You do NOT need to enable any of these settings in order to link commits to work items. That will happen automatically regardless of these settings. These settings are about enforcement and whether you want to block all commits that do not comply with these rules.

The primary rule is do you want to Require a work item. If this is enabled then all commits must contain a valid Ossum work item ID in the text of the commit message. There are two additional rules you can apply to make the requirement even more specific. Work item must be open means that the card for the work item cannot be in the Archive column of your plan. Pusher must own work item means that the user that pushes the commits to your repository must be listed as one of the owners of the work item(s) referenced in the commits being pushed. Each of these more restrictive features is mainly intended to assist the user and catch things like typos or incorrect references.

You can also Configure Webhooks to send events to a URL endpoint(s) you define.

Finally, you can also configure the DevOps integration for the repository, which would be the name of the job(s) on your CI server that you wish to run for each event. The Ossum DevOps feature will automatically connect your commits with your CI system and does NOT require you to add any additional webhooks.

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