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Configure Git Webhooks

You can configure Ossum to deliver a JSON payload to a URL you specify based on different events in your repository. Webhooks are configured from your Repository Settings. To add a webhook click on the New URL button, specify the URL to send the hook output to, and the events you wish to receive. You can add multiple webhooks. Be sure to click Save when you are done.

Add webhook

The first two events are the most common/likely for you to use. The Reference Updated event is sent after a push, when a new branch/tag is created and when a merge request is merged to a branch. The Patchset Created event is sent when a new merge request is created or when a the merge request is updated with new changes. All of the other events are fairly self-explanatory and related to different actions that can be taken on a merge request.


There are a number of sites available for testing webhooks. You might first want to configure the URL to one of these sites so that you can easily see the JSON payload and HTTP headers before you create your own endpoint to receive the payload. These sites tend to change frequently so rather than link to a specific site would suggest a search for "webhook test site" to get a list of options.

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Webhook deliveries are triggered when a card is created or when a card changes columns on the Plan board.

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