Plan: Board Management

Board Management

A user must have the Administrator role to manage the board. The columns on your board can be customized to suit your process. Only the Archived column is mandatory. All other columns can be named and categorized to suit your process.

Change the Name

Your board name is the same as your space name but can be changed directly from the board by just clicking on it and typing a new name.

Create a Column

Click the plus icon that exists to the right of all columns to create a new one. Give it a name and choose which category describes the column and click OK.

Edit a Column

Click on the ellipsis icon on the column and choose the Edit option. You can change the column name and category.

Move a Column

You can drag and drop a column to move it to where you want on the board.

Delete a Column

You can only delete a column if you have first moved all cards out of the column. Once that is done, click the ellipsis on the column and take the Edit option and then click on Delete.

Delete a Card

Click on the card to open it and click the Delete button. A confirmation pop-up will explain this cannot be reversed and give you a final chance to Cancel.

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