Plan: Overview

Overview of Ossum Planning

Your Ossum space comes with an easy to use planning tool that is pre-configured so you can get started immediately.


Here are some of the terms we use in the Ossum Planning tool.

  • Board - this is the view of your plan in your Ossum space. Your board contains columns that represent the various states in your process and the columns contain cards that represent the work you are doing.

  • Column - this represents a state or status in your process, such as Backlog, Developing or Done. A column is also assigned a generic category of "Not Started", "In Progress" or "Done" which drive some of the metrics that Ossum maintains behind the scenes.

  • Card - this represents your work. In agile terms this might be a "story" or "backlog item" depending on the process you follow.

  • Label - cards can have labels attached to them which are arbitrary names/colors you come up with to help your organize and filter your work.

Add New Card

You can create a new card in any column. To get started click the plus icon in the Backlog column to add a new card to your backlog. This will open the Add New Card dialog. The only required field is the name but you can also optionally provide a longer description. You can also optionally assign labels to the card as well as assign the card to one or more of the users in your account.

Move Cards

Cards can be dragged and dropped around your board. Move the card up and down within a column if you want to rank and prioritize your cards in a specific order. Move the card between columns to change its state in your process.

Archive Cards

The "done" columns typically mean the work is completed for the card, but maybe you are still waiting to deploy or deliver the work or receive feedback from customers or users. When a card is completely done you can either move it to the Archived column or open the card and click on the Archive button.

Collapse Column

Click on a column title to collapse or expand a column. This can be useful to collapse columns like Backlog or Done when they are not your current focus.

Change Column View

Click on the ellipsis icon on top of column to bring up menu that allows you to toggle a column between card view and list view.

Next Steps

Board Management - customize the board to match your process and needs.

Configure Webhooks - integrate Ossum with external tools and scripts by configuring webhooks.

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