Set Up: Welcome

Welcome to Ossum

Ossum is a batteries-included cloud platform for managing your software development process. Ossum provides tools for Planning, Source Code Management and DevOps.

Getting Started

There are three key areas to getting started with Ossum:

  1. Create/Manage Account - whoever will own the account and be responsible for the subscription should sign up and create the account for your team or company.

    All Ossum accounts are private, meaning the tools and content of your account will only be accessible to the Ossum users that you invite to your account.

  2. Invite Users - once the account is established the next step is to invite other people to join your account. You assign a role to the user when you invite them but the role can also be changed later.

    Users do not become part of your account until they accept the invitation. Accepting the invitation will also lead them to create their Ossum user account if one does not already exist. A single Ossum user can belong to multiple accounts.

  3. Managing Spaces - a space will be created for you when you signup so you can jump right in immediately but you may also want to create additional spaces if your plan allows it.

Next Steps

Plan - Get up and running quickly on defining your work items.

Code - Learn how to use the Git features of Ossum.

DevOps - Discover how to integrate Ossum with your Continuous Integration server.


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In order to use Ossum you must create an account for your team, company or project. All Ossum accounts have...