Set Up: Account Management

Account Management

In order to use Ossum you must create an account for your team, company or project. All Ossum accounts have the following properties:

  • Private - all accounts on Ossum are private. Only the users you invite to your account will be able to access the tools and content for the account.

  • Name - when you create your account you must provide a "short name" for the account. This name will be part of all URL's for your account and it cannot be changed after the account is created.

  • Subscription - all accounts have a subscription that determines the number of users and other features available to this account. Ossum does provide a Free Subscription and will start you out in this subscription when you join.

  • Owner - an account has a single owner that is responsible for the subscription including any payment details. It is possible to transfer the ownership of an account to another user later if desired.

  • Users - an account will have a list of users that can access the account. Users can only be added via invitation and the user is only added to the account after they have accepted the invitation.

    All users in Ossum are uniquely identified by their email address. Users exist independently of the accounts they belong to and a single user can own or be a member of multiple accounts.

  • Spaces - an account can contain one or many spaces (depending on the subscription). A space defines the work items and process for something you are working on and a space can refer to zero or many Git repositories.

  • Repositories - an account can contain zero or many Git repositories.

Creating an Account

There are two ways to create an Account in Ossum.

  1. If you have not already created an Ossum account for your email address then just click on the Sign Up link on the Ossum home page, this will take you to a signup page that will let you create your user and account at the same time.


  1. If you already have a user in Ossum, then login to Ossum and click on the Gear icon in the top right, and then Accounts in the left hand navigation. This will show you all of the Accounts you already belong to and there will be an Add Account button on the page to create a new account. Since you already have a user all you need to provide is the short name for the new account and click OK.

Regardless of which method you use, when you create the account Ossum provisions the cloud infrastructure for your account. This process takes roughly 60 seconds. Once it is complete you should be able to access your space and start creating work items or Git repositories.

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Users in Ossum are uniquely identified by their email address and that is also what is used to login once a...