Set Up: User Management

User Management

Users in Ossum are uniquely identified by their email address and that is also what is used to login once an account has been created. A single Ossum user can own or belong to one or many Accounts. Technically a user can belong to zero accounts but all that user can then do is create a new account or accept an invitation to an existing account. Ossum does not provide any tools or feature for the user as an individual, only as part of an account.

For privacy reasons, Ossum does not allow you to create the account for another user. You can create your own user as part of signing up for Ossum and creating an Account, but once the account is created the way you add other users is by sending the user an invitation to join your account. The user will be sent an email to the address you provide and if they accept the invitation this will step the user through creating their Ossum user and joining your account.

Inviting Users

Users can be invited by clicking on the + icon at the top of your space or from the User Management page for the Account. All you need to know to invite a user is their email address. The user(s) you invite will receive an email inviting them to join your account with the role you specified.


Ossum currently only supports two roles, Administrator and Member. The following actions are only available to Administrators:

  • Invite/Manage users
  • Create/Manage spaces
  • Create/Manage Git repositories

You must assign the user a role when you send the invitation and the user will receive this role when they accept. Roles can also be changed later from the User Management page of the account.

Managing Users

Click on the Gear icon and then Accounts and then click on your Account to access the Account settings. There you will find a Users section from which you can invite more users, remove users or change the role of any existing user. You must be an Account Administrator to perform these functions. An Account Member will only be able to see the list of users in the account.

If the Account has any pending invitations those can also be seen from this list and the invitation can be revoked or renewed.

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